OOO Five Stars is a company born in 2013 that operates in the commercial and marketing field primarily within the Russian Federation and within the former Soviet Union nations.

Over the years he has acquired a great deal of experience in customs and relations with the major importers of various products within the Russian Federation, especially in the wine and food sector as well as IT and textile clothing technology.

He supported marketing in collaboration with various import and export structures of fashion products and spirits.


Its director, Dr. Marina Kasatkina, has traveled to various countries with commercial and marketing skills both in Russia and in Europe without neglecting Asia and the Americas.

OOO Five Stars is able to define, plan and execute events, translations, promotions, fairs and actions of brand management and representation at every level.

OOO Five Stars is also able to develop private label projects on various types of product primarily in the food & wine sector.

OOO Five Stars is also able to deal with customs issues or support the certification of products or solutions in markets covered by other services.

The issues of trademark registration, patents, websites and social media support are also covered.

Other possible activities are legal advice on Russian law, debt collection and administrative accounting management on the nation in question.

Languages ​​currently spoken within the facility are Russian, English and Italian.